Purpose & Values through Value Tales

Each person I meet, and get to know, exemplifies the Purpose & Values that I hold dear. Below you can use the filter to learn more about these values through the people who embody them. What values do you care about? Who do you know that expresses them?

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Learning: Ralph Ginorio

Mr. Ginorio exemplifies the value of Learning.

He is an incredible orator, and deeply intellectual, drawing together philosophy, history, and reason to form a well put together paradigm which he shares liberally with others through his YouTube Channel, and educating in the top quality High School in the region.

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Adventure: Josh Galt

Josh Galt is the ultimate in the value of Adventure. He was raised in the woods off-grid in Canada and Ghana, has lived in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Indonesia, Cambodia, and even a small stint in the USA.

Everywhere he goes he lives independently, doing whatever it takes to thrive and build his own life.

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Determination: Corey Jeppesen

Corey exemplifies the value of Determination in business. He is a professional designer with the experience needed to design and deliver ultra high end marketing from print to web and more.

What I see Corey doing is truly striving to build his book of business, regardless of any setbacks or rejections he faces.

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