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Hi, my name is Russell Mann, please don’t mind the awkward look on my face, this is literally the best I can do.

I’m about entrepreneurship. It’s a long word to type out on a phone, so I just say “trep”. I think Treps are the ones who make the world a better place. I’ve spent time in the ministry, non-profit world, and a lot of time exploring the political system, and when I look at the actual improvement and betterment of humanity, none of those even come close to the work being done by Treps.

I believe being a Trep is the bravest thing you can do, and it will improve your life and the lives of everyone you touch. I’m constantly frustrated seeing great people with brilliant businesses struggle.

To me, the struggles you’re facing are about skills, not morals or intelligence. To improve your business, to make a bigger and better impact, to make more money, you need better skills.

This site is meant to be the hub of information I’m bringing forward, to help improve Trep skills. The email list is the best way to be informed when something is happening.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me any time for any reason. You can email me here and you can connect with me a number of ways here.

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