Josh Galt

Josh Galt

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Josh Galt
The Value of Adventure

Josh Galt is the ultimate in the value of Adventure.  He was raised in the woods off-grid in Canada and Ghana, has lived in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Indonesia, Cambodia, and even a small stint in the USA.

Everywhere he goes he lives independently, doing whatever it takes to thrive and build his own life.

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The original Value Tales book on Adventure is the Sacagawea story. You can find it here.

I met Josh in Missoula, Montana.  We were both on different temporary adventures in that town at the time, and though life took us in different directions, we managed to stay in touch through the magic of technology.  He embodies Adventure, which is an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

The Adventures of Josh Galt:

1. Riverboarding

Josh has been on the front lines in building the sport of Riverboarding.  Check this out!


2. Entrepreneurship

Josh innovates businesses.  He started a clothing line with a philosophical message, Galt Yourself.  He builds extreme sports brands through Face Level Industries.  He manages a Cambodian basketball team, the Mekong Tigers.  His historical endeavors and successes are too numerous to mention.  The question with Josh isn’t “What are you doing?” it’s “What aren’t you doing?!”

3. Embracing Cultures

Josh is a unique expat.  He doesn’t go to other countries and keep to the American enclaves.  He lived on the beaches of Costa Rica with and among the locals.  He goes into the heart of Cambodia for riverboarding and gets involved with a local basketball team.

This is a man who isn’t afraid to learn more about the world by truly experiencing it.

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