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Corey Jeppesen

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Corey Jeppesen

The Value of Determination

Corey exemplifies the value of Determination in business.  He is a professional designer with the experience needed to design and deliver ultra high end marketing from print to web and more.

What I see Corey doing is truly striving to build his book of business, regardless of any setbacks or rejections he faces.

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The original Value Tales book on Determination is the Helen Keller story. You can find it here.

When I met with Corey about his business he convinced me that he is determined to succeed.  Determination is the quality of being resolute, firm in your purpose.

Here’s where I see the results of Determination in Corey:

1. Preparation

He has prepared himself with education, and has taken action in opening his design firm.  He’s hired the staff it takes to complete quality projects.  He has gotten himself out there to develop the relationships necessary to sell his services.

2. Execution

Corey spends countless hours pushing on his business.  He won’t rest until his work product is perfect.  Take a look at the quality of output he has here.  This level of quality requires resolution.  It requires a firm purpose.

3. Positivity

Corey is one of the most positive people I’ve ever met.  I’ve seen him remain positive under some intense circumstances when his perspective was being challenged.  It takes Determination to stick to your guns when you encounter head winds.

He is passing on his positivity by highlighting a different person every day for 365 days this year.  You want to be on his list.  His project helped inspire this Value Tales series.  Check out Corey 365.

4. Vision

What I find striking about Corey’s determination is that he is in that place right before he has tasted big success.  He has put everything on the line.  He quit working for other people.  He has his business pared down to the bare necessities, and even in that he has a quality office and quality tools.

If you get a chance to meet Corey, you will see how determined he is.

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