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This is the question that we should all be asking ourselves. When we start a business we think about how we want it to make a certain kind of impact in our lives. We should be evaluating that impact on a regular basis.

What was the reason you started your business? Maybe it was to make more money. Maybe it was the freedom to Be Your Own Boss. Maybe you wanted to stay home with your kids instead of going into the office. Maybe the goal was to slow down your lifestyle. Maybe the goal was to speed up your lifestyle. Perhaps you had an altruistic goal in mind.

Have you accomplished the goal that you set out to accomplish?  When I am coaching entrepreneurial clients I often find that there is a disconnect between what they want the business to be doing for them and what it is doing for them. Can you relate?

One client of mine was always struggling with the money coming in. He was doing something he really enjoyed and he was helping people tremendously, but he really struggled to keep up with the bills. This breaks my heart. I really don’t want to see anyone in this position.

A few of my clients have had businesses that we’re killing their physical bodies. In some cases they were making all the money they wanted and the other cases they weren’t but either way when the work itself takes a toll on your health, something has to change.

Everyone knows someone who is working too many hours. Maybe that’s you. Maybe it’s because your business needs so much of your time that you never see your family. Maybe you used to have friends and hobbies but now that you’re in business for yourself those things have gone away.

High stress can be another killer.  What is the successful business worth if it’s taking years off your life?

We can divide our lives into whatever segments we like. Some of the segments that I like to use are: relationships, career, family, religion, health, and money.

When you think about your business and about what you want for your life if any of those areas are lacking and it feels like the business is to blame I know how to help you.

Not only have I personally been in all of these situations myself, and gotten out of them, I’ve also helped other people do the same thing.  Speaking of just stress, at a time when I was running two successful businesses, I landed in the hospital for a couple weeks after collapsing at a customer appreciation Christmas party. I saw every single medical practitioner possible and had every test they make. They checked the plumbing system, electrical, chemical, structural, the heart the brain everything. After two weeks of tests and a $30,000 bill the last question they asked me was, do you have any stress in your life? Well duh. I thought that was a requirement of owning your own business.That turned out to not be true, I just didn’t have the skills yet that I needed.

Treps need skills to successfully execute the work they are here to do. The good thing is that if you’re not getting what you want out of your business that doesn’t mean you are a failure. It definitely doesn’t mean that you are a moral failure. It does mean that you need some skills that you may not have yet.

The root cause of a business not living up to your expectations lies in the business model.  I use a fun easy method to help you uncover your business model, both the one that you’re using and the one that you want.

The system I use is called the Business Model Canvas and it was developed in Europe by the people who wrote the Business Model Generation book. When I teach a class on your business model I use that book as the textbook. If you’re struggling right now and you don’t have time to wait you can get that book and get started on your own.

What I found is that it helps to have someone with experience to build a business model canvas together.  In an effort to help as many people as I can, I’m thinking about starting a class soon where we will be building your business model canvas together.

This would be ideal for anyone who is thinking about starting a business, or anyone who is already in business but isn’t satisfied with the results they’re getting in any one of the areas of their life.  This isn’t a good class for you if you are completely satisfied with your business and the results that you are getting.

I have a mission in life. I believe that Treps are the key to improving the world. I believe they are the only hope we have in making this world a better place. My goal is to help people become Treps and help Treps become great Treps through education and community.

If this sounds like something that can help you, let me know that you’re interested by adding your email below.

Can I ask for a favor? If you know somebody who is in business for themselves and may not be getting everything they want out of it, will you please share this with them?

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Does this course interest you? I haven’t decided if I’m going to do it yet, just playing with the idea right now. Add your name and email here if you find the idea intriguing.

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