Ralph Ginorio

Ralph Ginorio

CDA Charter Educator

Ralph’s YouTube
Ralph Ginorio
The Value of Learning

Mr. Ginorio exemplifies the value of Learning.

He is an incredible orator, and deeply intellectual, drawing together philosophy, history, and reason to form a well put together paradigm which he shares liberally with others through his YouTube Channel, and educating in the top quality High School in the region.

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The original Value Tales book on Learning is the Marie Curie story. You can find it here.

I audited a class my son was bragging about one morning.  In that 50 minutes I saw something out of movies like Dead Poets Society or Stand and Deliver.  Ralph Ginorio is an absolute force for Learning.

We don’t learn when we simply repeat what we already believe, and uncritically accept viewpoints and ideas that play to our biases.  We learn when we take in something new.  We learn when we synthesize disparate points of knowledge into a cohesive point.

Mr. Ginorio’s contributions to Learning:

1. YouTube Videos

Ralph’s introductory video sets forth his agenda, to teach in meaningful and intelligible ways. Learn about the world history that lead to 9/11. Learn new ways to approach several political issues.  Visit his channel here.

2. Teaching

Mr. Ginorio is the premier History instructor at CDA Charter, the number one ranked school in the state, and easily number one in the region.  His instruction brings to life the issues that shaped world events and paradigms.  It’s impossible with words to convey how exciting it is to watch him teach.  He’s like a performer on a stage, and filling young minds with information, but more than information, perspective, is his drama.

3. Respect

One of the biggest blocks to learning we all face is prejudicial dismissal of views we do not hold.  Mr. Ginorio’s tenor is to always meet a person where they are and validate any bit of truth he can find in them, then proceed to work from his wealth of knowledge to lay out evidence for any area that may need improvement.  The level of Respect he shows in discourse makes it possible to learn from him.

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